Anna is currently not taking any new clients as she is going on maternity leave in April. She will contact previous clients to schedule appointments when she returns.

          What to Expect for your First Massage at Nature's Essentials

In my small town of Houghton, MI, we are grateful to have a surplus of bodyworkers--specifically massage therapists. Several times, I have heard individuals say that our area is "flooded" with massage therapists. It might be true, but here's the thing; each massage therapist has their own unique touch and techniques. The chances of you receiving a similar massage between two different therapists is slim.

I would like to share about my massaging methods for those who haven't received a session from me before. Getting a massage can be an experience out of someone's comfort zone. Therefore, I feel this very detailed post will be helpful for a future client to know what to expect if ever scheduling an appointment with me! 

Let's start from the beginning! As soon as you walk through the door, you will be greeted by me. I am the only massage therapist who works out of my practice which creates a very personalized experience here at Nature's Essentials. You will fill out a quick intake form regarding your personal information and health history. After that, I will spend a few minutes getting to know more about you than just your first and last name. We will also discuss areas that need to be worked on, essential oil use, and any lotion/oil allergies. I can sense right away if someone is nervous, so I try my best to make my clients at ease before beginning the session. 

Next, I will bring you back to the treatment room after giving the opportunity to use the restroom. I will instruct which position to lay in, answer any questions, then leave the room while you undress down to your comfort level, get onto the massage table and under the sheet and blanket. Once I enter the room, I will adjust your positioning to ensure you are comfortable.

Now, the best part-- the massage begins! I always start out with a lighter pressure, even if you are scheduled for a deep tissue massage. Typically, I use a blend of Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques. I will increase pressure (if needed) after checking in with you. All you need to do is relax while I do the work. After the session, I will inform you on any problem areas I've found and will give you tips and tricks that may help!

One of my main goals as soon as you enter my space is to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. If the mind isn't relaxed, I have a much more challenging time getting the muscle tension to release. Take a deep breath and let go of all your worries for a short moment. I like to remind clients that I am not able to "CURE" anything. Massage therapy is simply ONE of MANY tools for managing stress and pain. You cannot do one workout and be fit for life. Receiving massage therapy is the same concept. One session isn't going to make your back pain go away. Although, it may help tremendously. 

Below are a few common questions I often get asked. 

Am I suppose to talk during my session?

It is up to you! As the therapist, I let the client control the conversation. If you want to talk the entire session, go ahead. Most clients remain quiet to make the most of their session. But, PLEASE speak up if you are uncomfortable at any time!


What do I wear when getting onto the massage table?

It depends if you are getting a full body massage or focusing on a specific area. If receiving a full body massage, majority of clients take off everything except their underwear. Several clients go completely nude, which is fine too. Only the area I am working on is uncovered. If a client's receiving only upper body work, they might leave their pants on. Ultimately, it comes down to what you are comfortable with. 


What if I fall asleep?

When clients fall asleep, it is the best compliment. It happens all the time. Don't worry, I will wake you up. Haha!


Am I going to be sore after?

Possibly! Tension and toxins are being released. Muscles that haven't been used in awhile are receiving attention. Drinking lots of water, stretching, applying heat or ice, and resting after your session will help with any soreness. 


Overall, each client and massage session is different and unique. I do my best to meet any goals the client may have. Like I said in the beginning, getting a massage can be an experience out of someone's comfort zone. I work with clients of all kinds, my space is judgement free. We all have the same 600+ muscles and that is what matters. Book an appointment today and come see what it's all about. My schedule fills up quick! Some of my favorite clients are first time massage clients; I love to introduce this service to people. If you ever have any questions, please ask!




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